Bruderschaft, also called “brudzio” in Polish, means brotherhood. It’s a ritual after which its participants are on first-name terms and resign from polite forms of address like Mr of Mme. It is often accompanied by drinking a glass of some alcoholic beverage together.

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is a perfect place for all lovers of special atmosphere. Bruderschaft is located in the heart of the old part of Gdańsk at ul. Długa.

Bruderschaft started operating in 2012. Since then lots of jazz, blues, funky, and rock concerts were organised there. These days, in Bruder concerts are cyclical events and it’s worth showing up every Wednesday evening on time to listen to some live jazz music. It’s our ritual.
Apart from concerts we also organise exhibitions of Tricity artists – painters, graphic artists, photographers.

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Six rotational taps, craft breweries, both Polish and foreign, a broad selection of whisky (single malt, blends), natural soft drinks, classic cocktails and their variations, and also our own cordial with lemon peel, lemon juice, passion fruit juice, and fresh mint leaves called ‘bruderówka’. A glass of bruderówka is a perfect start of your journey in this interesting place.

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    We have a rich offer of craft beers produced in small breweries, both in Poland and abroad. We have six taps, each of which is used for a different type of beer. Thanks to beer rotation your every visit to our multitap is a guarantee of new flavour experience. Every glass of craft beer mirrors the creativity and passion of its maker and carefully selected ingredients. Craft beer is a treasure cherished and drunk by millions of people all over the world who consider it to be something better than ordinary beer.

    This is only a foretaste of what our pub located at ul. Długa in the old part of Gdańsk may offer you – we also have beer that has been brewed by Brodacz Brewery especially for us! It’s American IPA with distinct bitter note and citrus flavour. Come and taste it!




On Tuesdays we play only music from gramophone records. It has become our tradition that our guests bring their favourite vinyl records with them to listen to analogue music together. The prize is a glass of bruderówka.



Our Wednesdays are jazzy. We have our own piano. Take your friends with you and enjoy our jam session until small hours.



Thursdays are dedicated to the lovers of funky, hip hop, blues, and rock music. Our Thursday concerts have already become a tradition, so come and join us... Let yourself feel the live music vibes in a club atmosphere in the middle of the old town in Gdańsk.



Original interior layout and design have been created by Tricity artists, whose works are displayed at the cyclical exhibitions organised by us. So prepare yourself for something more than just taste and music experience...

About us

Pub and café located in quaint medieval caves in the heart of the Old Town in Gdańsk at ul. Długa, vibrant both at noon and at midnight acts like a magnet.

During the day the numerous tourists visiting Gdańsk who walk down ul. Długa willingly drop in for a coffee. The regular visitors of Bruderschaft include also the residents of Tricity who love our specific atmosphere. The best coffee in town – we are always pleased to hear such an opinion because being huge coffee lovers and enthusiasts ourselves we aim to serve delicious coffee that will make our guests return to us.

And in the evening...

That’s right! Bruderschaft Pub in Gdańsk invites you for a drink and live music. Our barmen can help you choose a cocktail or a shot.

We also have beer for beer lovers. Not "bulk" beer, but carefully selected products of smaller, regional breweries. Beer with full flavour, with noble hoppy bitterness, and velvety foam, drunk with your friends in an original interior with artistic atmosphere... What more could you ask for?

If you prefer something stronger instead of a beer, we recommend original goldwasser, Polish whisky, Kashubian Gbur vodka made by Komers and other local "niche" spirits.

  • Pub i kawiarnia Bruderszaft Gdańsk

    Everyone knows that it is people who make the atmosphere of a place. The people you will meet here make Cafe Pub Bruderschaft a legendary and inspiring place in the centre of Gdańsk.

  • “Rewelacja, za każdym razem, gdy jestem w Gdańsku wracam do tego miejsca. Bardzo pozytywni obsługujący, fajny klimat i pyszne drinki, których jest spory wybór. Do tego świetna muzyka. Dzięki i do zobaczenia :)”

    Pia Paszkiewicz

  • “Obowiązkowe miejsce do odhaczenia na mapie Gdańska! Świetna ekipa za barem, wspaniała muzyka na żywo, a ichniejsza nalewka z marakują łagodna, ale tylko w smaku :)”

    Aleksander K.

  • “Klimatyczne miejsce z Jazz Messengers w tle, autentyczną partią szachową na stole i sowitym kamikadze w krwioobiegu, śmiało rekomenduję! ”

    Marcin Krzaczkowski



ul. Długa 81/83, Gdańsk 
telefon: +48 510 128 564